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اسم المصدر بعد حرف الجر Gerund after preposition

اسم المصدر بعد حرف الجر Gerund after preposition


 (كما ذكرنا من قبل ان ال gerund  يتكون من مصدر الفعل + ing )

 فى هذا الدرس سوف نستعرض :-

 اولا :- حروف الجر التى ياتى بعدها الفعل فى صورة ال gerund 

  •  After – قبل   

 ex:- after having a shower I waited for Steven.

  •  Before – بعد

 ex:- The tablet must not be taken before getting up in the morning.

  •  By – بواسطة   

 ex:- I manage it by working much longer than 40-hour week.

  •  In spite  – بالرغم من

 ex:- In spite of studying a lot he didn’t pass the exams.

  •  On  – على

 ex:- What was her reaction on hearing the news?

  •  Without  بدون  

  ex :-  He told the jokes without laughing.

  ثانيا  :- (الصفات +حروف الجر) التى ياتى بعدها الفعل فى صورة ال gerund 


  •   Afraid of  – خائف من

  ex:- They are afraid of losing the match.

  •  Angry about/at – غاضب من  

 ex:- Pat is angry about walking in the rain.

  •  Bad at/good at – جيد فى /سىء

  ex:-  John is good at working in the garden.

  •  Crazy about  – مهووس ب

 ex:- The girl is crazy about playing tennis.

  •   Dis appointed about/at  – خاب امله فى

  ex:- He is dis appointed about seeing such a bad report.

  •   excited about  – متحمس الى

 ex :- We are excited about making our own film.

  •   famous for – مشهور ب  

 ex: Sandy is famous for singing songs.

  •  fed up with –  غير قادر على تحمل شعور ما

 ex:- I am fed up with being treated as a child.

  •  fond of – مغرم ب

 ex:- Hannah is fond of going to parties.

  •  glad about – سعيد ب  

  ex:- She is glad about getting married again.

  •  happy about/at  – سعيد ب  

 ex:- The children are not happy about seeing a doctor.

  •  Interested in – مهتم ب

 Ex:- Are you interested in writing poems?

  •  Keen on  – شغوف ب

 ex:- Joe is keen on drawing.

  •  Proud of   – فخور ب

ex:- She is proud of riding a snowboard.

  •  Sick of  – مهووس ب

 ex: We are sick of sitting around like this.

  •  Sorry about/for  – اسف على شىء

 ex:- He is sorry for eating in the lesson.

  •  Tired of  – متعب من

 ex:- I am tired of waiting for you.

  •  used to –  معتاد على

 Ex:- She is used to smoking.


  •   Worried about  – حذر او قلق من

  ex:- I am worried about making mistakes.

 ثالثا :- (الاسماء +حروف الجر) التى ياتى بعدها الفعل فى صورة ال gerund :-


  •  advantage of  – الميزة من

 ex:- What is the advantage of farming over hunting?

  •  chance of  – فرصة ل

 ex: There’s a chance of catching a cold these days.

  •  choice between – اختيار بين

 ex:- There’s a choice between flying to London Heathrow or Stansted.

  •  danger of  – خطر من

  ex:- Peggy is in danger of making a mistake. 

  •  difficulty in – صعوبة فى

 Ex:- He has difficulty in texting.

  •  doubt about – حيرة من

 Ex:- He is in doubt about buying the correct software for his computer system.

  •  hope of  – على امل من

 ex:- there’s little hope of catching the new corvette.

  •  idea of – فكرة عن   

 ex:- I like the idea of setting up a new email account.

  •  interest in – اهتمام ب

 ex:- there’s no interest in writing letters.

  •  method of  – وسيلة ل

 ex:- This is a simple method of finding solutions.

  •  opportunity of – فرصة ل

  ex:- there’s some opportunity of bringing her parents together again.

  •  Possibility of – امكانية ان

 ex:- These wheels offer the possibility of riding tubeless.

  •  Problem of – مشكلة فى

 ex:-He has the problem of swimming too slow.

  •  reason for  – سبب ل

 ex:- there’s a real reason for winning the contest.

  •  risk of – مخاطرة من

 ex:- there’s a risk of digging too deep.

  •  trouble for – فى ازمة

ex:- He was in trouble for stealing

  •  way of – طريقة ل  

ex:- This is a new way of building a wall.

رابعا  :- (الافعال +حروف الجر) التى ياتى بعدها الفعل فى صورة ال gerund 

  •  accuse of  – يتهم ب  

  ex:- They were accused of breaking into a shop.

  •  agree with – يوافق على

 ex:-  I agree with playing darts.

  •  apologize for – يعتذر على

 ex:- They apologize for being late.

  •  believe in – يؤمن ب

 ex:- She doesn’t believe in getting lost in the wood.

  •  blame for  – يلام على

ex:- The reporter is blamed for writing bad stories.

  •  complain about  – يشتكى من

 ex:- She complains about bullying.

  •  concentrate on  – يركز فى

  ex:- Do you concentrate on reading or writing?

  •  congratulate on  – يهنىء على

 ex:- I wanted to congratulate you on making such a good speech.

  •  cope with – يتاقلم على

  Ex :- He is not sure how to cope with getting older.

  •  decide against  – يقرر ضد

They decided against stealing the car.

  •  depend on  – يعتمد على

 ex:- Success may depend on becoming more patient.

  •  dream about/of  – يحلم ب

 ex:- She dreams of being a pop star.

  •  feel like – يشعر ب

 ex:- They feel like going to bed.

  •  get used to – يعتاد على

  ex:- you must get used to working long hours.

  •  Insist on – يصر على

 ex:- The girls insisted on going out with mark.

  •  look forward to – يتطلع الى

 ex:- I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

  •  prevent from  – يمنع عن

 ex:- How can I prevent Kate from working in this shop?

  •  rely on  – يعتمد على

 ex:- He doesn’t rely on winning in the casino.

  •  succeed in – ينجح فى

 ex:- How then can I succeed in studying chemistry?

  •  specialize in – يتخصص فى

The firm specialized in designing websites.

  •  stop from  – يمنع عن

 ex:- I stopped Andrew from smoking.

  •  talk about/of – يتكلم عن

 ex:- They often talk about travelling to new Zealand.

  •  think about/of – يفكر فى

 ex:- Frank thinks of playing chess.

  •  warn against  – يحذر من  

 ex:- We warned them against using this computer.

  •  worry about  – قلق من

 ex:- The patient worries about having the checkup.


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